VMobile provides professional Mobile Application Design and Development and maintenance services. Our exerts in Mobile technologies Design and Develop the applications as per the requirements of the client. Our design and development services include:

  • UI Design: Look and Feel
  • UI Design: Usability
  • Design and Architecture
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Server Side API Development
  • Extensible Architecture
  • QA Testing

At VMobile we understand the clients apprehension about feasibility of ideas or products. With our expertise we can quickly deliver proof of concept or a prototype. This helps the client take the decision on the next steps.

We understand that QA-Testing for mobile applications is not easy for the clients. Having developed applications for carriers and OEM's, VMobile has the capability to QA and certify products as per clients needs. We have done the following for our clients:

  • Hopper Testing for Windows Mobile applications
  • Hopper test results analysis
  • QA and test applications for iPhone certification
  • Customized test processes as defined by the OEM
  • Followed HTC QA processes

Having our development centre in Hyderabad, India we can provide highly qualified consultants to work with clients. This model works best for businesses who have ongoing maintenance or ongoing development. The team can be managed remotely or can be managed by one of our seasoned managers.

With the recent releases of Smart Phones with powerful processors we see a real need for device drivers to interface with devices like printers. Having the knowledge and expertise in embedded systems we can design and deliver the drivers for any hardware.